So much promise but over in a second. Blake Baggett was looking like the BB4 of old until he hit the dirt at Hangtown and busted his shoulder.

“Moto one went about as good as it could get, charging up from the back and working my way all the way back to a podium spot,” Baggett explained. “I really felt good and thought everything was working. I went out in the second moto and got a decent start and was working my way through the pack. I think I needed one more spot to get a podium for the overall. And then I caught a rock and did a little high side. It was slo-mo, but I ended up going down pretty hard and breaking my collarbone.

“We’ll see where we’re at and be back to fight for sure. I know where I am right now. Hangtown is one of the gnarliest tracks there is and if you can go good there you can do it anywhere. So I’ll regroup and hopefully be back soon.”

We posted James Stewart’s crash yesterday and it looked gnarly, but will we see him at Glen Helen this weekend?

“I had a decent practice, but got a horrible start in the first moto,” Stewart said. “I was just riding around trying to get comfortable. I came across the mechanic’s area and the next thing I know I was grabbing and hanging-on to my bike trying to hug-it. I went off this steep embankment and landed on my shoulder.

“I’m bummed. I keep putting-in all this work and things keep happening. I can’t quit. As hard as it is now I refuse to quit. I know I’m not done. I’m going to go back to work after I have my shoulder checked-out. I’ll see how I feel. Hopefully I can get back into action next week. I’ll be back, it’s just another setback.”

Both riders suffered injuries, the good news is we could see both back for Glen Helen this weekend, they certainly haven’t ruled it out and with treatment this week, Yoshimura Suzuki could see both their riders line up at round 2.

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