Autumn is here, which means that Black Friday deals are just around the corner. To help you pick the best ones, we broke down everything you need to know about Black Friday 2021 offers at the 24MX store.

Top-selling products from one of Europe’s leading online motorcycle stores are now at a new, fantastic price. So throttle up, dear rider and grab the best early deals 24MX has to offer!

Raven Air MX Clothing (Pro Level)

This is a brand new line of clothing created in cooperation with the Pros and dedicated to more experienced riders.
Raven Air gives you the confidence you need to take advantage of all the opportunities that may come before you. Flexible and lightweight material makes the difference when you put yourself and your machine to the test. And when it’s time to line up, expect the subtle design of your outfit to be admired by the rest of the drivers.

24MX All-in-One Big Wheely GearBag

 A Pair of MX boots – checked, dirt-bike helmet – checked, protective vest – checked, neck brace, knee guards, goggles, gloves – checked. The 24MX All-in-one Big Wheely GearBag will hold in everything you might need on the track; a set of new tyres can probably fit in there as well. 
This 24MX gear bag has ventilated compartments, so all your equipment will stay as fresh as possible for as long as needed.  
And on top of it – you will look like a pro anywhere you go. 
This one is huge. Both the bag and the deal – check it out!

Raven Sideswipe Jacket

If the track is a battlefield, you need decent armour, and this one is the complete upper body protection design for all the off-road warriors out there. The Raven Sideswipe protective Jacket will keep you safe
even under the harshest conditions. It is comfortable, lightweight and it allows your body to breathe easily. This motorcycle body protection system will work as a perfect shield for your chest, back, shoulders and elbows, especially when you are not a fan of heavy-duty motorcycle jackets.

Pirelli, Metzeler & Michelin Tyres

Looking for new dirt bike tyres? The timing couldn’t have been better. The 24MX Black Friday deal on top tire brands is about to start soon!  
You can choose from over X products from Pirelli, Metzeler and Michelin – the world’s largest tyre manufacturers known for their quality for years. 
Get a value, grip and quality – check out the full range at 24MX!

GPS-Tracker Swetrack Lite 

With this revolutionary device, you will keep an eye on your beloved vehicle wherever the road leads you. The SweTrack Lite is a GPS tracker device that will save you from stressful situations. It’s super tiny, so you can easily hide it, and it comes with plenty of features: geofencing, position logging, movement alerts. And in case of theft, you can send a link from the SweTrack app to the police straight away. So they can track your bike in real-time. Easy.

Don’t loose your time, cause you can lose some money too. Now is the best time for shopping – use it well and take over the next season with 24MX!

Words by 24MX

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