As the countdown to the biggest shopping day of the year begins, it’s essential to navigate the Black Friday sales to find the best deals. This year, 24MX are making it even easier for their customers. They say – “There is no secret on where to find the best discounts”.

When to buy the ultimate deal is now. 

Black Friday has extended to Black Month, running all through November, all for you, the enthusiasts – If you’re someone who is at the tracks or on the trails almost every weekend then look no further to get an unbelievable deal on an Easy-Up Race Tent that offers protection from the elements and gives you some pit cred. Style out your own paddock area or your garage with a quick load fuel jugenvironmental pit mat and a Proworks Heavy Duty Mechanic Stand, the sky is the limit with the deals available.

Do you want to hear the real kicker – the unmissable outlet! Imagine saving up to a staggering 90% on your favourite products. That’s up to 90% off on a range of products and other well-known brands that are also on huge discounts. With the themes lasting for 4 weeks. Garage essential tools, parts, accessories, and clothing helmets. The list can go on and there are some things you didn’t know you needed that will all be made readily available. So, to see more you can click on this link – and dive into the sales that have begun. Wait… There is more!

As a gift, as a thank you, as an appreciation 

This year there is an exciting giveaway to 1 lucky winner to bring a friend, all paid for, all arranged by 24MX! The trip of a lifetime to Spain to complete 3 days of riding at the Jarv1s Signature Tours. It covers a total distance of 713km and a route which consists of 100% fun that connects you through the city of Granada and other notable locations and trails in the area. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Check it out and enter here

Black Friday Month 2023 is your chance today, don’t be fooled by flashy advertisements; trust your instincts. Happy shopping and enjoy the riding!

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