HOME SWEET HOME: Spring Creek is considered home for the ClubMX team, with team owner  Brandon Hass and his family originating from there. The Haas and Martin (track owner) families have a  great history of racing together over the decades with both Alex and Jeremy Martin being supported by the team at different times. The blueprint for ClubMX was originally initiated in Minnesota and ultimately  moved to South Carolina. Add to that, Minnesota is home to FXR, which is a major supporter of the team, and it becomes an even greater homecoming. The entire team landed in Minnesota on Tuesday night and  will support the FXR Ride Day at a local track on Wednesday, using the track time as their normal training day. It is a good opportunity to give back to the local fans and spend some time with them. The team will  then participate in press day on Friday and then get ready for racing on Saturday. Words: Mike Bonacci

PHIL NICOLETTI #36: Phil continues to get great starts and run up front. Unfortunately, at RedBud, he got together with another rider in moto one and sent him to the back of the pack. It was just a racing incident, but he exerted a lot of effort for zero points. He was deservedly upset after that moto but managed to regroup and fight back strong in moto two. His moto scores of 28 – 10 = 15 on the day showed a lost opportunity, but that is racing. A good day this weekend at Spring Creek should propel him soundly into the top twenty for SMX  points. Spring Creek is a good track for Phil and that comfort should give him a great opportunity to perform well. 

GARRETT MARCHBANKS #26: RedBud was good for Garrett. He continues to build his stamina and gel with the bike changes he is initiating. His moto scores of 7 – 8 = 7 are just scratching the surface of what he can do. He is the top finishing privateer but expects to do more. Spring Creek is also a good track for him and with his improved starts, the expectations are growing. Garrett is an amazing student of the sport, using that knowledge to get his bike adjusted to where he needs it every weekend. With all the pieces coming together, the breakout ride is just around the corner. This is the weekend to pick Garrett in your fantasy league. As for SMX, it should take Garrett a few more rounds to secure his top twenty spot.

MARK FINEIS #705: Mark is just fun to watch. We would consider his style “loose” but it sure works for him. Determined? Sure, but watching him attempt to clear LaRocco’s leap at RedBud was another thing altogether. Coming up short was an understatement but he took it like a man and kept going. Mark is just one of those kids that lives and breathes moto – doing everything he can to succeed. Which brings me to his results: 11 – 12 = 10 on the day. YES! Mark scored his first professional top ten overall at RedBud and continues to earn everyone’s respect. Being from the Midwest, Mark has spun many laps on the Spring Creek track, which will make this weekend another opportunity to stack more points. As his confidence grows, landing in the top ten will become more natural. 

JETT REYNOLDS #99: Jett also scored his best overall of the season with 15 – 11 = 12 at RedBud. It is a building process, and this kid continues to make progress every week. He too has raced at Spring Creek before, so the track will not be totally foreign to him. The team has (quietly) established some goals for him this weekend, feeling the time has come to ramp things up a bit. There are only four rounds left in the regular season and the time has come to make some noise. It is obvious to everyone that Jett has the skills to perform at the highest level and he has become tired of finishing behind people he knows he is faster than. Now he must put everything together quickly to score enough points to get in the SMX top twenty. It should be exciting to watch the run to the end.

COTY SCHOCK #69: Coty had his stitches removed and is making progress. He misses being on the bike and is anxiously awaiting clearance to return. It will still be a while, but it will be fun to have him back. 

RaiseIt4USA: The website www.RaiseIt4USA.com is live. We have collected quite a few items to raffle off and raise money for the teams representing the USA at the MXoN event in October. Jerseys, plastics, parts and much more to come. Raffle tickets are only $5 each and all proceeds will help the team achieve their financial goals. Please check out the site and help to promote it. In addition, items for sale like T-shirts, hats and socks are available online and at the Moto Tees trucks at the races.

Image: ClubMX / Ripper Media

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