There was drama during the 450SX Main Event at Houston 3 with Dean Wilson blocking Ken Roczen on the last lap and costing him the main event win and giving it to Cooper Webb. There is lots of speculation of who was at fault did the flaggers do the job or was it just Wilson too concentrated on the riders ahead, but we know Dean Wilson not long after the chequered flag dropped took to social media to apologise.

Sunday 24th January – 15.02pm

Ken Roczen has since commented on Dean Wilson’s apology on Instagram and doesn’t want to hold a grudge. Check out what Roczen commented below:

“Accepted. Also though put yourself in my shoes. It is extra big because these points are valuable and this win was mine if you weren’t in front of me for 3/4 of a lap. 3 points here , 4 points last weekend… i mean it’s starting to get kind of funny. As if it isn’t already difficult enough to to lead the championship. Then i get 7 points taken away from me. Anyway, i don’t want to hold grudges. Just be aware of your surroundings. Thank you”

You can check out what Dean Wilson put on his social media and footage of the last lap below.

“First off I f@cked up. I fully own this. I never knew it was the leaders behind me. Kenny I’m sorry and sincerely apologise. I ruined your race & I wish I could take it back. I know the fans are pissed & team which I would be to. I hate that I was that guy in the way and ruined a win & a race. I should have been more aware of who was behind me I just got locked in on the guys ahead. You guys can tear me apart in the comments do what you gotta do. But I cant apologise enough for pretty much being the idiot of the race. Once again I’m sorry. Sucks to be that guy…. – Dean”

Lead Image Photo Credit – Simon Cudby

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