Who is going on a memorable summer vacation to spend time relaxing with family or friends?  And when you do so, we are sure you have a packing list on what to bring with you, right? The musts are factor 50+ sunscreen, beach towels, beachball,maybe paddleboards… the list can go on, and these are just suggestions on what we take, this vastly varies from person to person. It’s the same for going on those once in a lifetime bike trips or just down to your local tracks ‘n’ trials.   

Well, you are lucky as 24MX has many delightful ways to embrace this summer and make it something to remember. That’s why we have selected a few, maybe a few hundred summer essential items from this MX online shop that will take you and your friends on a summer to remember. 

Are you travelling by land, sea or air and are in need for a new gear bag? Well, we have you covered with a great one! The 150L 24MX Wheely Gear Bag that even has the option to have your country flag and name embroidered.  

To accompany the bag, you need to fill it with something as well. Unleash the new Raven 2023 Jersey and Pants collection at a crazy low price this summer! Have a look at what colours suit you.  

And travelling, you need to travel in style with brand new t-shirts, hoodies and jackets – we got you covered for looking cool and feeling cool, just a few clicks and scrolls away.  

Those of you who rather stay home and spend all that hard earned wage on preparing, upgrading, and riding every day!24MX has a huge selection of tools and accessories for your garage, like a new bike stand for your garage maintenance perhaps, combine that with a new work stool on wheels. A new loading ramp, tie-down straps, rapid fuel jug, oils & lubes, chains & sprockets and loads more that you can only find at 24MX. Your local website for the sport that we love!  

Live The Ride this summer and stay safe.

Shop here: https://redirect.24mx.com/campaign/summer-sale?utm_source=livemotocross&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=SS23_MX_2323&utm_content=news

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