As the 37th Weston Beach Race approaches on October 18-20, the countdown has begun for the maddest, baddest and biggest motorsport event in the UK. With over 1,000 competitors in the adult solo race, behind the scenes many competitors will be preparing their machines to take on the battle of the beach in just over a month’s time. With that in mind RHL Activities has collaborated with Apico Factory Racing, manufacturer of high-quality components and the biggest offroad distributer in the UK, to put together a Weston Beach Race essentials guide for all solo bikes! 
Apico Xtreme Sprockets
It’s important to have your gearing figured out for Weston and a good quality steel sprocket. The Apico Xtreme Sprocket sprockets are manufactured using a hi grade C45 Medium Carbon Steel, for the outer ring and recessed inner, the CNC machined 2024 aluminium insert sits in place for weight reduction. The outer steel section of the rear sprockets has a black polished finish and the inner aluminium face has an ELOX finish in manufacturer OEM colours. The ELOX coating is basically the same as anodising, providing a largely corrosion-resistant coating, which protects aluminium materials. These sprockets are perfect for Enduro riders and beach race competitors as well as the motocross riders who love to ride in the sand. Available for most Japanese and European makes of motocross and enduro machines 125cc and up.
RRP: £50.00
O-ring chain
O-ring Chains are typically used in Enduro and endurance off road events, so it makes the perfect choice for Weston Beach Race, so you’re not fiddling around adjusting your chain mid-race. The latest generation of Regina O-ring chain is characterised by the enhanced performance of the round section O-rings. Both light & strong, these sealed chains are engineered to meet the demands of each motorcycle application, more so that a standard chain. It is these features that provide a longer chain life in all conditions seen by off-road riders. Features include high carbon alloy pins, solid bushings and shot-peened plates and rollers. All O-ring chains are submitted to performance-enhancing pre-stretching. ‘Gold’ outer plates on all chains except the 520 ORC6.
RRP: £74.99
Hand guards
Polisport Hammer Universal Handguards
To keep your digits safe and stop the wind and water getting into your gloves, The all-new Hammer lever mounted universal handguards offer the latest I protection and style developed by Polisport. With this new guard that takes into consideration all the buttons and gadgets you now find on the handlebars of your modern 4 stroke. 

  • Large plastic shape that protects your hands and master cylinder
  • Slim mounting kit that makes it possible to mount it behind the master cylinder
  • Built-in flexible and durable material 
  • Two positions of horizontal adjustment
  • Slim design 
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Horizontal vents allow better cooling 
  • Carbon look like plastic cover

RRP: £26.99
Leatt GPX Hydration Core 2.0
Hydration is massively important when taking on a race like Weston Beach Race. While Apico has collaborated with Ice Valley Water to give bottles of water to riders on the Weston-Super-Mare promenade at the event, it’s recommended you have a hydration pack to help get you through the race. The GPX Core 2.0 is a slim, ultra-light, hands-free hydration system that looks like a bumbag and even has storage area for the all important tools you may need whilst out on the circuit and away from the pits. The waist fitment also allows for the unrestrictive body fit some riders don’t like while competing at such a tough event. The bag bouncing around on your back is now a thing of the past, there is a baffle system down the centre of the bladder that reduces the slosh effect when in use. 
RRP: £78.00
Twin Air Radiator Sleeves
Protecting the bike is important for the thrills and spills of Weston, and with this in mind, it’s good to take a look at Twin Air’s latest product, the Twin Air Radiator Sleeve.
This new product is a nylon coated, glass yarn material that fits over the radiator louvers so no dirt, sand, or mud can stick to the radiator, clogging the radiator, causing overheating – probably vital when the machine is being put to the ultimate sand riding test. Matt: ‘The newer versions are vene easier to use, you just slip them over the top of the radiator and louvre with the elastic fitment provided. Certainly important as part of the cooling process for the bike’.
The Twin Air Radiator Sleeve is easily installed slipping the elastic over the radiators & louvres or (depending on model) by removing the plastic radiator louvres and sliding the Twin Air Sleeve over the louvers and re-installing on the radiator.
RRP: £26.00
Twin Air GP Air Filter Covers
A must in the sand and where changing your airfilter over a prolonged period is not possible. Matt: ‘I find if I use one of these filter covers whilst practicing, I don’t have to change the airfilter half way through the day. A must for Weston Beach Race’. 
The Twin Air orange mesh covers give that extra protection to the air filter when racing in the sand. Top GP Teams use these a lot and they are invaluable for keeping sand out of the engine.
RRP: £19.00 – 20.00
Crosspro DTC Engine Guard
Cross Pro now has a range of motocross engine/sump plate guards available. The DTC range is made from 6mm plastic with no welded sections, providing unrivalled strength and durability, and are 40% lighter than the average aluminium guard. The plastic sump plate guard offers reduced vibration compared to the aluminium variant and is far more resistant to impact. The range is available in manufacturer bike colours as well as black for a range of 2 & 4 stroke fitments from 65cc to 450cc.
RRP: £71.90
Riding clothing and protection (Answer & Leatt)
The latest 2020 collection of Answer Racing Trinity Clothing is perfect for the event and is Matt’s choice for all types of racing.
Answer Trinity 2020 Pant – £179.99
The pant offers drum dyed and de-bossed leather knee panels that also cover a good proportion of your calf and should combat the water and sand ruining your kit. It should also stand up well to the dreaded pipe burn you can get from your 4 stroke exhaust that can also destroy pants in a matter of rides. The 4 way stretch material allows for good movement on the bike during the race and will work in harmony with the 4 way stretch yolk system in the back of the pant for a preceise, performance fit.
Answer Trinity 2020 Shirt – £54.99
Matt: ‘Ventilation is key at Weston Beach Race, after slogging around the beach for 3 hours you want to keep as cool as possible’.
The Trinity shirt incorporates several different panels within the shirt made from lightweight and breathable material including mesh underarm panels that help to wick moisture away from the body. 
Answer AR3 2020 Glove – £23.99
Matt: ‘The best riding glove in the Answer range, in my opinion. I use this for racing British Championship, practice – everything. Having a comfy and well-fitted glove is essential as it becomes hard to hang on while maintaining speed after the 2 hour mark’.
Mutli stretch, velco closing, silicon finger grippers make for one of the best gloves on the market.
Leatt 3DF Chest Protector – £153.99
With all the rulings for CE certified impact protection now being a requirement at FIM level, this is the perfect chest & back protector that meets these requirements. Matt: ‘I like this armour as it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything while having the knowledge you’ve got a high quality impact protector should the unthinkable happen’  Using Leatt’s 3DF perforated impact foam the armour remains lightweight whilst being able to absorb energy fro impacts. The side and over the shoulder strapping system makes for one size (almost) fits all, there is a separate XXL version available.
SRP: £153.99
Putoline 1001 Penetrating Spray
Putoline is synonymous in the protection of motorcycles. 1001 Penetrating Spray and  PTFE tape are particularly useful. The product penetrates and lubricates, displaces and repels moisture. It cleans and protects all metals. Thanks to its special formula 1001 Penetrating and PTFE can be used on all areas of the bike including electricial, metal and plastics. Matt: ‘Waterproofing electrics is the biggest part of the race, making sure you use plenty of this stuff and then PTFE to tape the areas of the bike that are prone to getting wet and especially those you think wouldn’t.’ 
SRP: £10.40
Rad braces
CrossPro Aluminium Radiator Braces
Protect those Rads! The CrossPro radiator guards are specially designed to protect your cooling system without obstructing airflow to the radiator. Designed as a “radiator roll cage”, the CrossPro radiator protection secures a perimeter around the radiator. Now available in a range of colours to suit different manufacturers, they are also available in silver across the range. Made with the best quality aluminium, with a thickness of 4mm. Matt ‘If you’re unfortunate to come off over oe of the dunes, or worse, have someone’s bike land on top of yours, damaged radiators is game over at this event, braces lessen the chance of damaging the radiators and receiving the big bill at the end of it to put them right’.
SRP: £76.80 silver or OEM colour
Boyesen Supercooler
With an increased chamber and propeller sizes (not to mention being aluminium instead of plastic on the Husqvarna & KTM 250F’s like Matt’s) the Boyesen Supercooler makes for an instant bolt on performance upgrade in the cooling department. Available in a range of manufacturer colours as well s black and magnesium and available for some 2 strokes these are a must and something all the Apico Husqvarna team bikes use. Matt: ‘ I’ve known OEM plastic versions to fail and this can be detrimental to your engine. These waterpump covers certainly keep the bikes cooler and help protect the engine’.
RRP: £220.00 – £230.00 depending on make/model
Apico Performance + Clutch Kits
One of the first things that can go at Weston is the clutch, it’s always a good itea to have a spare in Putoline Mineral Clutch Fluid, in the correct order so you can change it over in 10-15 minutes on the beach. Matt: ‘It’s not ideal changing a clutch in the pits, though it’s not ideal breaking down a mile down the beach either. Always make sure the clutch is prepped in plate order and resting in clutch fluid so it’s well soaked. If you start with new springs ideally you should be able to get away with changing one clutch and keeping the same set of springs, this is dependent on how heavy the rider is on the clutch of course’. Apico Performance+ clutch kits offer the complete solution as with our Factory Racing kits, with the added benefit of having aramid fibre papers on the friction plates. This enables them to work at higher temperatures and makes them more durable than standard giving an overall better performance. These products are specifically developed for motocross and enduro bikes.
RRP: £30.60 – £90.00
Pirelli Super Soft 100/110 Rear Tyre
As used by top MXGP riders, Pirelli’s Scorpion MX soft is for use on sand and soil racing surfaces. Constant performances in long-lasting racing conditions on soft terrain make this tyre the perfect choice for Weston Beach Race thanks to its special polyester carcass. The paddle block layout with the bridged rear tread offers the maximum traction and power transmission down the bech as well as when tackling the big dunes. Matt’ I’ll certainly be using this tyre as compared to the Pirelli 410 it offers a lot more down the straight as well as in the technical sections of the track’.
RRP: £100.20/£104.40 respectively
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