JWR Honda Racing, a prominent team in the Motocross World Championship (MXGP), is thrilled to announce its debut in the AMA Pro Motocross series. This significant milestone will see the team and its rider, Alvin Östlund, compete in two upcoming rounds in the United States. Alvin, who typically races under the number 161, will be riding with the number 290 for these events. Words: JWR Honda

The team will compete on a Factory Edition Honda CRF450R, collaborating with the United States HRC team. The two races are scheduled for June 29th at The Wick 338 in Southwick, Massachusetts, and July 6th at RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan.

Johan Westermark, JWR Honda Racing Team Owner

“We’re so excited to finally go racing in the United States! This has been a dream for the team for many years, and finally, we’re ready to go with Alvin! It’s a very unique opportunity and wouldn’t be possible without the support of all of our sponsors. I’ve always loved racing in the USA, so seeing a JWR Bike out on the AMA Pro Motocross circuit is a dream come true.”

Patrik Erlandsson, JWR Honda Racing Team Coordinator

“We’ve been planning and talking about going to race in the AMA for a long time, and this year all the pieces of the puzzle came together to make it possible. We’d like to say a huge thank you to our old friend Lars Lindström, the HRC Team Manager, for helping us out with giving us a roof over the two race weekends and the support & platform to make all of this possible.”

Alvin Östlund, JWR Honda Racing Rider

“I’ve been following the AMA Pro Motocross since I was a kid, and it’s been a lifelong dream to go racing stateside. Getting the opportunity to go over from Europe and race on these vastly different tracks will be a new kind of challenge but certainly an exciting one!”

This will be the first time JWR Honda Racing and Alvin Östlund participate in the AMA Pro Motocross series, marking a new chapter in their racing journey. The team views this as an excellent opportunity to showcase their sponsors on a global stage and gain substantial publicity.

Image: JWR Honda

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