Ken Roczen has hit back on the penalty given at Houston 2 following the incident with a red cross flag and confirms his vision was obstructed by Ferrandis which meant he didn’t see the flag!

Check out what he posted on his social media below:

Before i get into my night i wanted to say that i am disappointed in how this situation was handled. (Sorry for the bad quality photos) i just wanted to get you guys an idea of what the deal was. Put yourself under my helmet. There is a video with a better angle that the AMA has which made it even more clear…I got docked 4 championship points because of jumping on a Red Cross flag even though my vision at this part of the track was blocked because Dylan took the outside line and as i came around the sand turn he was positioned perfectly in front of the flag and i could not see it. I have never disrespected the Red Cross flag ever before and in my eyes this was clearly not a BLATENT VIOLATION. This situation was very unique and the timing of it was so special that a warning or a fine would have been a lot more appropriate. I have spoke my peace. I am just disappointed with the decision especially since it says it black and white in the rule book. A situation like this ( points docked ) instead of a fine is not fair. It just simply wasn’t “BLATANT”. There were more factors than just simply jumping on a red cross flag, anyway I’ll just deal with.

Lead Image Photo Credit – Honda Racing Corporation

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