The Hardcore Racing Yamaha rider Max Ingham has been competing at the Official ACU British Youth Motocross Championship for the last few years. Max currently competes in the Open Championship in 2019 and currently sits in second with 56 points behind the current red plate leader Dominic Lancett.

Unfortunately, Dominic Lancett is out for the remainder of the season due to an injury, so the title is now open to Max to take the 2019 British title. 

We caught up with the Isle of Man rider ahead of the fourth round of the Judd KTM British Youth Championship which takes place at Desertmartin in Northern Ireland on August 17th and 18th.

We are now heading into the final half of the 2019 season. How has the season gone so far for you and has there been any highlight moments you would like to share with us?

Max Ingham: “This year hasn’t gone exactly how I thought it would go. I’ve had a few little setbacks at the previous rounds resulting in met not riding like I know I can rider, but I am looking to finish the rest of the season strong and in full fitness.”

At the last round which took place at Fatcats, you had a strong weekend. How was it for you and can you talk us through the weekend?

Max Ingham: “Yes I started the weekend off really well qualifying in pole. During the first race whilst leading I made a mistake and over jumped a jump and landed into the face of the next jump. This caused me to have injure both my ankles, so I decided to pull out of the race due to being in a lot of pain. I strapped my ankle up and finished the weekend off as I knew I had to score points to keep the Championship alive.”

You are currently second in the ACU British Open Championship heading into the fourth round. How does it feel and now with Dominic out due to injury the title is up for grabs with only 56 points off the top spot?

Max Ingham: “It’s never nice to see another rider go out of a Championship due to an injury, but now for the remaining rounds I am just going to ride like I know I can and score as many points as possible to then see where I end up at the final round at Landrake.”

Desertmartin plays host to the fourth stop after a year off the Official ACU British Youth Motocross Championship calendar. The circuit is known as one of the best tracks in Europe. What are your thoughts on the track, and can you tell us a bit about your plans/goals for the weekend?

Max Ingham: “Desertmartin is one of my favourite circuits to ride, so I am really looking forward to heading there. I plan to go out there and ride how I know I can and hopefully be fighting for the race wins and get the top spot in the Championship.”

Can you tell us what you get up to in between meetings in regard to training and having time out on your bike?

Max Ingham: “I try to ride as much as I can during the weekends and then during the week I usually go to the gym, cycle and go to a Yoga class which I feel helps a lot when I am on the bike.”

Finally, what advice would you give to upcoming riders?

Max Ingham: “To not set any expectations for yourself, go out there and do you best and have fun. At the end of the season you may even be crowned as a British Champion as the British Youth Championship is only Championship where you are able to do so!”

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