Herlings celebrates - Image by Ray Archer/KTM
Herlings celebrates – Image by Ray Archer/KTM

Jeffrey Herlings has never been beaten at Valkenswaard and Monday’s race was his seventh GP win on that circuit. He took a clean 1-1 moto victory and in both races finished with impressive margins to retain his perfect scorecard for the 2016 season. After just three of 18 rounds he has won all the motos and already has a 38-point lead in the MX2 World Championship.

Herlings: “It was a really good weekend. We were fast in each practice and I had three good starts. That was important on this track especially with the heavy rain we had before the first moto. I took my time in the first moto to get into the lead and once I was there I rode my own race. The second moto I took the holeshot and checked out. I’m really pleased with my riding and happy and grateful that I won. Now I’m looking forward to the next GP.”

Dirk Gruebel, MX2 Team Manager: “Jeffrey was in a class of his own today, all weekend actually. It was an outstanding result – to win 50GPs at such a young age is something else. Pauls had some awesome races. He led the first race for a couple of laps and rode smart, fought for it and he’s a top rider. Davy wasn’t able to ride the last two weeks because he broke his collarbone in Qatar. But in the first race he had a good start, was in fifth position for a while and battled for it to finish sixth. That was outstanding. He was not so fortunate in the second race when the guy in front crashed in the first turn. But he make his way up to 15 and even 13 at one point. I’m really proud of all my team and all the mechanics, it was a hard day with the weather conditions.”

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