Stuart Flockhart who was behind the Scottish Motocross Championship in 2022 has announced he is bringing back ScotMX with a six round series in Scotland catering for youth and adult riders. The full announcement can be found below.

The news you’ve been waiting for – ScotMX are making their return to race organising as promised , by coming back with 6 exciting motocross events planned in Scotland for the 2024 season.

We will be offering a new race series for both youth and adult racers where our priority will be to utilise our very own newly upgraded Coupar Angus Motocross Track in the heart of Scotland, however, you can look forward to some track changes and a variety of alternating race formats per round

(Practice sessions will be available on Saturdays before each round)

We are also considering options to add a mystery venue on one of the following dates throughout the season:

6/7 April

11/12 May

1/2 June

6/7 July

10/11 August

Registration for this < > series is available on our website NOW and will include:

2024 ScotMX Club membership (to obtain race licence application)

Your place and race number for the season ,

A new ScotMX t-shirt

We can’t wait to update you with more news soon

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