It was finally sunny for the MXGP circuit at the first Indonesian round. Chambers achieved his best finish this year with an 8th in qualifying, but had difficulty capitalising on this in race one where he slipped back from 10th to 15th before pushing back to 11th. Words: Kawasaki

Race two was a similar story, as he was unable to make enough headway in the early part of the race and was forced to fight back throughout the race for 14th, finishing 13th overall and advancing to 14th in the championship standings.

Jack Chambers: “I had a decent ride in the first moto; I was in tenth for a couple of laps, but then I was struggling a little with my hands and went back to fifteenth before moving forward again. I made the pass for tenth on the last lap, but went off the track right before the finish line and had to be satisfied with eleventh. I just rode too conservatively in race two in the mud. I made a pass into thirteenth, but I collided with them and it broke off my footrest on the last lap and had to ride around with my foot on the casings. We’ll chill this week and probably take a look around the island one day, but we’ll continue doing the work-outs with runs and the gym to be ready for next weekend.”

Steve Dixon – Team Manager: “Jack and his mechanic made the long trip to Indonesia, they were looking forward to some races without rain. Jack had his best qualifying result with an 8th position, showing good speed and bike setup. Sunday, we were hoping to capitalise on the good start position. After a reasonably good start, Jack was in 10th, but slipped back to 15th before pushing back to 11th. In the second race, they watered the track a lot and, although it’s the same for everyone, I think Jack needed to put some more intensity into the first part of the race. I think Jack was working on more of a long game, but the heat didn’t seem as bad in the race. Jack moves up to 14th in the standings, a solid result, but just a bit disappointing about race two. We have 15 guests from SIlkolene Asia coming to the next race so hopefully we can impress them with some top 10 finishes.”

Image: Kawasaki

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