**UPDATE 28/01/2016**

Looks like the cause of the crash could have been a faulty throttle, reports on KUTV.com suggests.
“Honestly, all I remember is flying thru the air thinking, ‘when am I going to hit the ground?’ ” said Breia. Curtis said she remembers getting ready for the race, and laying on the ground after the crash, but not the crash itself. She does remember talking to her dad after the accident.

“I remember laying on the ground telling my dad, ‘my back is broken.”

When we all watched the video of 15 year old Breia Curtis slamming into the doors at an indoor event in UTAH, it looked shocking. The bad news is according to a photo posted to Curtis’ Instagram, she broke four bones in her lumbar vertebrae and fractured her neck. Her friend, Baylee Vaughn, also tweeted that Curtis, who is now in ICU, punctured a lung in the crash.

All the best Breia in your recovery, Breia has a GoFund page if you wish to donate to help her out https://www.gofundme.com/b6jgzvus

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