“GT243: On Top of the World” is a documentary movie that follows the life and career of the Slovenian motocross star Tim Gajser, in his difficult journey from the beginnings in the sport all the way to the MX2 World Championship title in 2015.

The film was made by Kreator TV and Kreator Film, the author is Gea Gaži Pavičić, directed by Igor Šestak and produced by Davorin Štetner – the owner of the Kreator Group Corporation.

The story of the Gajser family starts with tragedy when Tim’s older brother Žan passed away. Even though, Tim and Bogomir (Tim’s father and coach) continued their journey through the ruthless world of motocross. The years of hard work and training finally paid off in 2014 when Tim became Honda Gariboldi’s factory rider. In his first year with the team, he finished 5th in the overall standings of the World MX2 Championship. The next year he made history by winning the world title. In 2015 he had many ups and downs, but on the 20th of September 2015, Tim was crowned MX2 World Champion at the American motocross track in Glen Helen.

The author of the movie Gea Gaži Pavičić is very close to the Gajser family and alongside them she went through all their ups and downs. When Tim became World Champion, she decided to make a touching documentary based on that special story.

“I’m proud of this movie, proud of the hard work and hours my team and I invested in each and every second of it. Big thanks to everybody for that. I wanted people to know how much sacrifices and hard moments the Gajser family went through and I’m proud to be part of that story. Alongside them I lived through so many emotions and I wanted to make sure that the audience received a deeper insight in Tim’s life and career, to recognize that Tim and his father Bogomir now really stand where they deserve to be – on the top of the world”, Gea Gaži Pavičić said.

“Amazing movie. I had tears in my eyes when I watched it for the first time and still now, after I watched it 10 times” said Tim. “I really wanna say a huge thanks to Kreator TV and Gea for the making of this movie. I’m thankful for everything.”

Honda Racing Corporation: “Tim surely is one of the most remarkable characters in our sport and “GT243: On Top of the World” does a fantastic job of telling his remarkable and emotional story. Gea has done a brilliant job of really getting under the skin of the Gajser family to paint a truly compelling picture and her relationship with the family really shows in their openness. We are very glad that they have put so much hard work into telling this story of Gajser and how, through sacrifice, sweat and tears, he climbed to the top of the world.”

“Kreator TV will always follow exceptional sport stories and Tim Gajser is a world’s phenomenon. I’m glad that we started building this story even before Gajser became famous around the world. By now, the film was watched online for more than a million times, which shows that we did great job with it. I hope that this year we will make a movie about Gajser’s title in the MXGP class”, Kreator TV’s owner Davorin Štetner said.

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