JB TracksWorld renowned motocross track designer Justin Barclay with support from RHL Activities will undertake the circuit design and build for round 5 of the Maxxis British motocross championship which is being held at Leuchars in Scotland on July 3.

Justin’s CV is second to none with over 10 years experience designing and building tracks for Youthstream and the MXGP World championship in every corner of the globe. Having just returned from a successful work trip to the USA, Justin is now preparing the Matterley Basin circuit for the British MXGP which takes place on June 19.

Justin Barclay of JBTRACKS:

“So after last week’s trip to Scotland with the team at RHL Activities, we finally made it to Leuchars to have a look at a track with lots of history which will host this year’s round 5 of the Maxxis British championship. My first impression of the circuit was its natural dirt. The sandy soil looks great and reminds me of a Valkenswaard in Holland type of surface to race on. The track needs a few tweaks here and there to allow the circuit to flow a little better other than that it’s a good base to build on. A few days reshaping the existing features and adding some cool new ones should see the track prime for the two big events, the Maxxis on July 3 and the following weekend for round 5 of the Thor British Youth Nationals.


Work will be carried out the week after the MXGP at Matterley Basin. My schedule is pretty hectic right now and things are moving in the direction I want for JBTRACKS. Let’s hope we can get a BritIsh rider on the box in Matterley and a Scottish rider on the top step in Leuchars.”

Gareth Hockey of RHL Activities:

For me having Justin back working with RHL Activities is brilliant, we had so much fun creating the tracks for Mallory MXGP and Hawkstone MX3. I can’t wait for the build and everything to start at Leuchars. The venue is awesome and the potential with what we believe we can create over next few years with track is amazing. As JB said it can be like a mini Valkenswaard. I hope and believe with people RHL now have working for them we can have one of best Maxxis rounds this year and an event Scotland will be proud of.”

For full information about round 5 of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship at Leuchars in Scotland, please visit the RHL Activities website HERE

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