Live Motocross has teamed up with St John’s Ambulance Service to create something fun and to raise a fair bit of money during this testing time. Want to know how to get involved?

We want you to get in front of the Camera, yes your phone camera! In your Riding Kit, and Sing (Miming is fine), Dance, jump around to Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”! (This can be a section of the song, or the full thing) These videos will then get turned into a charity single, Which people can donate towards, And raise a bunch of money for St John’s who are looking after other people at the moment.

Be involved in a bit of fun, and Live Motocross history! Your videos have to be filmed in Landscape, and once complete email over to, The deadline for sending your vid’s in is Tuesday by 5pm! (21/4/2020)

This is the official music track being used

Click the link below to donate

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