This weekend, the Bridgestone British Masters take to Whitby for Round 4 of the 2019 series. Now past the halfway point in the championship, the battles are on with minimal points between all the riders in all of the groups. 

This weekend will also see the Bridgestone Cup take place for the Junior 65cc, Small Wheel 85cc and Big Wheel 85cc classes. This race will take the form of the third race of the weekend (Sunday’s first race) with the winners of each group being crowned the 2019 Bridgestone Cup champions. 

1 point separates Freddie Gardiner and Charlie Richmond in the Junior 65cc class. These two riders have consistently battled throughout the series so far; however, it was Archie-Jay Girdham who took the overall at FatCats Moto Parc for Round 3 so could he be the one to watch this weekend?

Mckenzie Marshall has took a 15 point lead in the Small Wheel 85cc class with Warren Clarke in second and Tyla Hooley in third. Billy Askew has been fighting back though and will not go down without a fight, especially after claiming victory at FatCats Moto Parc. 

Sam Atkinson has a near perfect score in the Big Wheel 85cc by winning all races of the 2019 series except one. Although Sam is 69 points ahead of the pack and is currently the highest points scorer of the overall series, battles are expected from him, Arai Elcock and Ollie Colmer over the course of the whole weekend. 

Ike Carter claimed the overall at FatCats Moto Parc in the MXY2 Youth class and still sits in the top spot of the championship standings. Kyle McNicholl claimed second place with Aaron Patstone third at FatCats Moto Parc. Aaron Patstone will be looking to claw back some valuable points as he currently sits in 9thplace after missing Round 1 due to injury. The front runners of this group set an unbelievable place and this is one race not to be missed.

The 125cc has seen a new leader each round with Troy Willerton now sitting in first place. However, only 2 points separate Troy and Jordan Bachelor and Dylan Spencer is only 11 points behind in third. This fast-paced group always gives bar-to-bar action, especially as the points are so tight. Troy Willerton will not want to step down from first place but we can guarantee Jordan Bachelor and Dylan Spencer will not be going down without a fight. 

Greg Fisher has an impressive lead of 79 points in the Clubman class however he did feel the heat at FatCats Moto Parc from the rest of the pack. Karl Jenkinson had a taste of victory at FatCats Moto Parc and therefore will be charging hard this weekend. 

Adam Day is leading the Amateur MX1 class with Harry Bradley in second and Luke Houghton in third. Daniel Ashmore and Matt Lomas however are not far behind. Gareth Artus will also be one to watch this weekend as he will be looking to re-gain his position in the championship after missing Round 3. 

Oliver Benton has managed to keep his cool and is still leading the Amateur MX2 group. Jack Rowland and Rory Jones are not far behind however Ben Burridge in fourth place is also fast approaching. This group has battles throughout the whole pack with the likes of Mitchell Warhurst, Lewis O’Sullivan, Brad Thornhill and Elliott Pugh battling each weekend. 

The Pro MX1 / Pro MX2 group are combined for the race but each group is scored separately. The racing is intense with Jake Shipton, Jake Millward, Martin Barr, Taylor Hammal, James Dunn constantly chasing each other down. Elliott Banks-Browne made his 2019 comeback at FatCats Moto Parc for Round 3 and proved his was the come back king and left with the first place trophy. Although Elliott is down in 11thafter missing out on some points to injury we bet he will once again be up the front battling it out for the 2019 customized Toyota HiLux Pick-up which is on offer! Jake Shipton however is still leading the championship but Jake Millward is only 6 points behind. Jake Millward has set the fastest lap in qualifying at each round so far this year, can he do this once again? And can he claim that first place trophy? Taylor Hammal has shown his worth and is leading the Pro MX2 group after gaining points on Martin Barr at FatCats Moto Parc. Martin Barr however will not be going down without a fight. Ben Franklin and Robert Yates are also ones to watch out for as their consistency is key and they are always obtaining excellent points. 

Admission to the track is from 13:00 hours on Friday with free camping provided for racers and spectators. Spectator wristbands can be brought on the gate and are £10 per adult, £5 per child, £5 per senior citizen and under 5’s are free. 

Postcode: YO21 1TN. 

Photo Credit – Roy Edwards Photography

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