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2017 World Junior Motocross Championship Announcement

This morning Youthstream released the below press release in regards to the 2017 World Junior Motocross Championship which is due to be held at a brand new venue in Estonia.

(KEGUMS) Latvia, 09 May 2017 – Over the weekend a press conference was held at the MXGP of Latvia where Youthstream Vice-president David Luongo, 2017 Junior Motocross World Championship Organizer Lauri Roosiorg and 2017 Junior Motocross World Championship Press Officer Margus Kiiver were on stage in order to present the 2017 Edition of the Junior Motocross World Championship to both international and Latvian national media.

With a venue that is 6 km from the city of Tartu, Estonia and very close to Latvia the 2017 Junior Motocross World Championship, which will be held on July the 30th is destined for success. The local Organizer, Mr. Roosiorg, has done an excellent job with the development of the Lange motocenter since its opening in 2012. The goal of ‘Lange’ is to host more international title events in the future.

David Luongo, Vice President and Head of Operations for Youthstream: “Youthstream is very happy to have the Junior Motocross World Championship at this new venue. The Organizer has been working a lot on the track and in fact it is very well designed. Many riders will be attending this event not only from the Baltic countries but from all over the world so I’ll invite everybody to go there.”

Lauri Roosiorg, 2017 Junior Motocross World Championship main Organizer: “The Junior Motocross World Championship in Estonia, in Lange motocenter is a big thing for Estonian motorsport. It has been a good cooperation between us, the promoter Youthstream, and the Estonian Motorcycling Federation. It shows the strength of Lange motocenter and we have already put in a great effort to organize a great event for both the competitors and spectators. It is a big honor and responsibility to host the young riders from more then 30 countries.”

Margus Kiiver2017 Junior Motocross World Championship press officer: “The track of the Lange motocenter is very challenging and perfect for the Junior Motocross World Championship 2017. Motocross is very popular in Estonia and our riders have proven themselves at the international level starting with Tanel Leok who is also a Junior Motocross World Champion. We’re expecting fans, families, spectators and riders from all over the worlds and I suggest to take some free time to discover Estonia before or after the competition in Lange motocenter. It is definitely worth it.”

3 former Junior Motocross World Champions also attended the conference where they stressed how important this event was to their career, Tanel LeokPauls Jonass, and EMX250 rider and 2016 125cc Junior World Champion Jago Geerts.

Estonian MXGP rider Tanel Leoka two time Junior World Champion from 2000 and 2001, added: “The Junior Motocross World Championship is like a dream. You can really achieve something after winning this Championship. I wish to give a big thanks to Lauri who makes it all happen. It’s fantastic to have such an event in Estonia.”

Pauls Jonass, the MX2 points leader from Latvia won in 2011 and 2013, “The Junior Motocross World Championship is a one day championship so you need to give your best and I did. For me it was really important to win it… I have never seen the track but I heard it is one of the best tracks in the area. I think it’s going to be a great event especially because the Estonian fans are really fantastic”

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