The hard work paid off and the dream came true for Dutch teenager Bas Vaessen, who won his first ever EMX250 motocross victory for Team Suzuki World MX2 at the Mantova Grand Prix in Italy three weeks ago. In his Blog, the 18-year-old talks about his first win and how he got there with the help and support from his family and the Suzuki World MX2 team.


“I’ve been dreaming of winning a big race for such a long time and it finally became a reality. It’s so special and it was in such a good way: The whole weekend just went great. Time practice was good, my starts were good, riding was going great and everything just fell into place. We have been training for so long and working so hard towards this moment. It was just pure joy when it all happened. A great moment for me, my family, the team and everyone involved.

It has not always been easy and it took some really hard work. I did not have the best of times and some were pretty bad but my parents always supported me, even when nothing was working. Now, all that support is really paying off. I’m feeling great, the Suzuki RM-Z250 is running very good. At the moment everything is perfect, just some small adjustments once in a while on the bike here and there. So I’m super happy with it. It has just all been pure fun the last couple of weeks.

Lately, I have been enjoying my riding and training so much. Team Manager Stefan Everts and his father, Harry, have been with me training many times and they have brought me to the next level. I would have never reached it on my own. They kept pushing me on the bike. And after that first big win, I’m just motivated to do even better. I’m training even harder and always pushing myself to do a little extra on top of the training schedule. Also in my riding, I’m always putting in that little extra effort, so it can hopefully all happen again soon.”

Words: Yoline Cogghe.
Photos: Ray Archer.

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