What is it? A 25 days of day long deals, weeklong special promotions, and discount codes being thrown away like present! If you thought that it’s a wild Christmas party, you were almost correct. It’s something better! It’s the 24MX Christmas Sale.

For over three weeks, they will celebrate the holiday spirit by lifting your spirits up with amazing, 24-hour deals, (yes, their special MX Advent calendar), beating all your expectations. Some might even think they are trying to put Santa out of his business (which they cannot confirm or decline). If that is not enough – they will be having special weeklong deals, which, they say, will be at least surprising to most.

To be sure you don’t miss a single thing, check out their store right now! Because remember – while the campaign lasts 25 days, one cannot be sure if stock of your dream goggles, that amazing helmet or the clothing kit you want will hold until the last days of the promotion.

And remember! While 24MX does it best to deliver the goods as soon as possible, it’s always better to order that present early and give!

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