kouwenberganaheim2sx2016cudby015__0G3Szl204T2fPToIt was a tough day for Nick Kouwenberg at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim who, despite some strong starts, was unable to capitalise on his increased performance.

The Dutchman started the second Anaheim event of the year with some good times in the group practice session. An improved start in the heat race saw Kouwenberg fighting in the main pack before he was unfortunately caught up in a first corner crash involving six riders.

With renewed determination to make it to the Main Event, Nick had another good start in the Last Chance Qualifier. Unfortunately, a rider caught the back of Nick’s CRF250R when they tried to avoid a crash in front of them and ended his chance of finishing in a qualifying position.

Kouwenberg will now turn his attention to the next round of the American 250 Supercross West Region Championship, which will be held in the Overstock.com Coliseum, Oakland, on the 30th January.

Nick Kouwenberg

“The first practice I wasn’t able to focus properly but later in the day it got better when race time came. Riding in the week has started to get better and easier, I can feel the progress I’m making. In the heat race there was massive start crash and I got caught up in that. In the Last Chance Qualifier I had a better start but had to change direction and somebody pinned their bike into the back of mine. Going forward it’s going to be a mental challenge and I need to change how I think but I’ll be giving it a good shot in Oakland.”

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