Seems like some major bitterness between Jeffrey Herlings and his ex-boss at KTM Stefan Everts. Teutschenthal produced the best race so far in MX2 this season, Jeffrey who was certainly below par due to sickness, had a great battle with Jeremy Seewar of Suzuki in moto 2. With 2 laps to go JH84 finally passed Seewar for the lead and went onto to continue his unbeaten season.

In his post race TV interview Jeffrey mentioned he doesn’t like Stefan Everts and this motivates him to beat his records – the interview is below.

Jeffrey explained on his social media about his feelings of what went down.
“Racing is racing. And everyone should defend there position and fight for it as hard as they can. But bringing another rider ( me ) today in danger is a different story. Jumping towards my direction in the air is VERY DANGEROUS!! As when you are in the air you can not change direction anymore. So thats why my reaction on Seewer after the 2nd moto was to him ” Why the hell you cut me off towards the jumps, are you crazy “?! Maybe he doesnt know, or didnt notice himself, those are questions I can not answer. But because he came my direction just before take off on the triple step up I had to close the gas last second, and came very short and hurt both ankle’s very bad and allmost went down. If I wouldnt of done that I would of had jumped on his back SEVERAL of times and we both would of went down. I had couple of serious injuries the last 2 years and people who had the same things as I would understand why I get frustrated when other riders take this beautiful sport towards a even more dangerous level as it allready is. But anyways, We won both moto’s for yet another overall win. There is just one thing on my head, and thats beating that 101 Gp wins, and congratulations to @antoniocairoli for your well disurved win. Lets keep puting Orange on top. Go go go keyboard warriors for your opinions

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