The 2019 Monster Energy FIM MXoN line up is taking shape with teams from all over the world entering the event with his best motocross riders. In the last couple of day additional teams have been announced and you can find them HERE below: 

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Team Ireland

Team Ireland attended the event every year since 1950 with the best result being a 7th position in 2003. All chosen riders have been competing the Bristish Championship this year

Team Manager: Phillip McCullough

MXGP: Jason Maara in his debut in MXoN

MX2: Martin Barr, for his 15th time part of the team

OPEN: Stuart Edmunds at his 7th participation 

Team New Zealand

Team New Zealand has been competing the MXoN since 1987 and was on the podium in three occasions: 1998, 2001 and 2006. This year a young team has been announced: 

Team Manager: Bevan Weal

MXGP: Wyatt Chase, who is currently second in New Zealand Championship

MX2: Dylan Walsh, a promising MX2 World Championship rider 

OPEN: Maximus Purvis, currently third in New Zealand Championship

Team Germany

Team Germany has a long experience in MXoN with a milestone victory in 2012 with Ma Nagl, Ken Roczen and Marcus Shiffer

Team manager: Thomas Wolfgang

MXGP: Tom Koch at his first attendance

MX2: Simon Längenfelder, the young rider is a EMX125 sensation and he finished 3rd this year in the Eurooean Championship.  

OPEN: Dennis Ullrich

Team Puerto Rico

Team Puerto Rico has been participating since 2007 and he qualified for the event in 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2018 being the 2018 edition the most notable for the team with Travis Pastrana, kevin Windham and Ryan Sipes riding after their retirement to raise awareness and support for Team Puerto Rico as it was devastated by the Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

Team Manager: Gabriel Catala

MXGP: Justin Starling

MX2: Jose Fernando Rodriguez

OPEN: Chase Marquier

Team Greece

This year the Team Greece will send young riders to the 73rd edition of the Monster Energy FIM MXoN, but all of them are former or current champions of the Greek championship 

Team Manager:Korelis Stylianos

MXGP: Kritikos Emmanouil, at his second attendnce at MXoN

MX2: Alexandros Georgantas, current MX2 Greek Champion, 1sttime part of the team

OPEN: Andreas Andreoy is the youngest rider in the team at his debut at MXoN 

Team Cyprus

Team Cyprus isproud to attend the Monster Energy FIM MXoN for the third time in history. First time was in 2005 and second in 2009. The team presented is very young and motivated to compete with the Best motocross riders in the world. 

Team Manager: Kavazis Kyriakos

MXGP: Christos Tsangaras multi-time National champion

MX2: Aristos Georgiou 

Open: Chrisanthos Georgiou

Team Portugal

Team Portugal is at its 26th consecutive participation at the event with the best results in 2001 and 2005 finishing 8th.

Team Manager:Riley Ross

MXGP: Piixe Sandro, second time part of the team

MX2: Luis Outeiro, second time part of the team

OPEN: Hugo Basaula, as veteran of Team  Portugal 

Team Croatia

Team Croatia has been entering the MXoN for 27 years with its best result in 1999. 

Team Manager: Danko Braim

MXGP: Luka Crnkovic

MX2: Nikola Hranic

OPEN: Mattja Kevala

The complete entry list for the 73rd edition of the Monster Energy FIM MXoN will be released shortly. 

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