Romain Febvre femur has been fixed from surgery however is now going through a long recovery process before getting back out on a bike.

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Here is the latest update from Romain which he posted on his social media accounts today (Friday 30th August):

Can’t write everything i passed through the last few days, and isn’t over. Every Injury and surgery are different, they did fixed my femur pefectly, but my leg is very painful because i have a lot of salling. I lost lot of blood during the operation wich make it more difficult because i can’t stand-up more then few minutes. My blood presure is not enough, so i get dizzy pretty easy and fast (last night, with assistance, try to reached the toilet, 3 meters from my bed, stand up and after few minutes, i fainted…). So to be quick, i have to move as much i can to try to reduce the swelling but in the other way, i can’t do much because i missed blood (need to wait that my body creates it again) and getting dizzy very easy and tired…
So at the moment, i’m dealing with a consistent pain. And when the pain is getting little bit less, feel dizzy or bad. 
I wish i could feel ok even with to stand up and go back home at list but i can’t yet so i can’t go home for the moment. 
But it’s gonna be better soon… 
Just wanted to say that to you guys, gave you some details. Thanks for the support.

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