Statement following investigation into MXY2 incident at Lyng

Four members of the Motocross Committee (which included the series Race Director) in addition to the ACU Events Series Manager and the Clerk of the Course for the event were present together with an eye witness who unfortunately did not observe the incident in its entirety. Several written reports were also available including a statement from the Assistant Clerk of the Course who was the first official to attend the incident.

The Committee had also secured both video and photographic evidence

They listened to, viewed and dissected all of the visual verbal and written evidence available to them, however some of that evidence was contradictory, faced with all of these relevant factors the Committee decided that it was in the best interests of all concerned not to take any direct action over this incident. The enquiry was never set up to apportion blame, it was simply meant to gain a clearer picture of exactly what happened and unfortunately it failed to do that.

The Committee realise that many people would have wished for a clearer picture of exactly what had occurred, however as previously stated with the lack of conclusive evidence available this was not realistically possible.

Nonetheless after a full discussion the Motocross Committee wish to stress that ongoing marshal training is taking place at many events and a Riders Briefing will be included in the next round of the Championship later in the month.

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Good to see a swift red flag decision by the ACU stewards when a number of riders were involved in a nasty pile at Lyng on Sunday, as you can see from the video it could have been a lot worse but thankfully everyone as far we know walked away to race the restart.

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