Spectrum is a unique, in-depth eight episode documentary series highlighting today’s professional Supercross and motocross athletes in a fashion never before seen within the sport. Featuring athletes such as Andrew Short, who is on his 15th year as a professional, to newcomers trying to make a name for themselves such as Luke Renzland; Spectrum dives deep into the psyche of the these athletes, all of whom are at different intersections of their careers. Showing viewers the different layers of such a demanding and, sometimes life-threatening sport.

Spectrum from Phantasos Media on Vimeo.

Andrew Short
Cole Seely
Wil Hahn
Dean Wilson
Jimmy Albertson
Kyle Partridge
Zac Commans
Luke Renzland
Jackson Richardson
Sean Collier
Joachim Falden

A Short Film Series by Kyle Cowling
Executive Producer: Phantasos Media
Associate Producer: Nick Thiel & Kyle Cowling
Film.Edit.Color: Kyle Cowling
Second Unit Camera: Dylan Phohl, Dylan Wineland
Assistant Editor: Dylan Wineland
Composer: Oliver Lyu
Sound Design: Oliver Lyu
Graphic Design: Gabe Gutierrez
Cloning Artist: Sheldon Devantier
Still Photography: Todd Gutierrez, Will Topete
Written By: Nick Thiel
Narration: Bryan Friday

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