Seems like we have a little bit of tension in the MXGP paddock, long story short, Romain Febvre drops it in the corner along with Shaun Simpson and Gautier Paulin, Febvre looks to be stuck under the bike, Tony Cairoli appears and nails Febvre in what some are calling dirty riding, but is it?

My personal take on this is Tony had time to see him and as he approached the corner, Romain’s arm was in the rut, TC222 then moved to left to try to miss him, Romain then put his arm out to the left into the line of where Tony was trying to go and looking at the video Tony did his best to not snap Romain’s arm – in my humble opinion its looks like a racing incident.

A. TC’s line of sight, Febvre’s arm in rut.

TC222 A

B. TC closing in starts to move to the left, if you watch the video TC hits white post and starts to move onto the bank.

TC222 B

C. Romain moves his arm to the left, TC  has no chance to avoid it even though he’s continually moving up the bank.

TC222 C

D. TC runs over RF’s arm but had zero chance to miss it.

TC222 D

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