The Salop Motor Club have once again been busy organising some of the best motocross riders in the World to attend the ASHBROOK – Hazport – Tysers Hawkstone International on the 9th February at the infamous Hawkstone Park circuit, SY4 4NA.

Having signed up Jeffrey Herlings they have also added a number of GP riders into the mix and this will be a great season opener in the UK to get people in the mood for another great season of racing.

Jeffreys KTM team-mate Tom Vialle is also confirmed adding to that Rene Hofer, Glenn Coldenhoff, Ivo Monticelli, Jordi Tixier, Kevin Strijbos, Davy Pootjes, Thomas Covington, Calvin Vlaanderen, Brits Shaun Simpson, Tommy Searle, Jake Nicholls, Adam Sterry, Martin Barr, Josh Gilbert, Mel Pocock, Jake Millward and Ben Watson. Plus a load more top GP riders including Thomas Kjer Olsen, Jed Beaton, Kay de Wolf, Harri Kullas, Jago Geerts, Evgeny Bobryshev, Ginaluca Facchetti, Julien Lieber, Benoit Paturel and Jordi Tixier.

It is one of the best Hawkstone line-ups in years and once again the racing is set to be awesome! The action will kick off at 8.30am and will go on until around 4.30pm.

Tickets can be pre-bought a and camping tickets MUST be pre-bought. Or entry tickets as always can be purchased on the gate for £30 for adults and £5 for kids age 5 – 15.

Gary Ford – SMC

“We’re extremely excited about the 2020 event, the line-up is fantastic and it will no doubt produce some great racing on the day. It’s the perfect way to kick off the 2020 season and we hope everyone has a fantastic day out.”

Photo Credit – Ray Archer Photography

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