Yamaha knows that champions win on the highest quality competition parts, and Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) combines top-level knowledge from the Yamaha Racing R&D with decades of Grand Prix experience to give to motocross riders high performance in the heaviest racetrack conditions without forsaking engine durability.

For new and overhauled YZ125 two-stroke production engines, the new GYTR YZ125 High Performance Kit represents the ultimate and powerful racing edge.

The 2016 release includes a GYTR cylinder head with detachable combustion chamber inserts, a GYTR ported cylinder with pre-installed oil seals on the exhaust valve shaft for improved port airflow and the GYTR YZ125 piston, made from unique materials for a profile that is completely different than the standard piston option.

Yamaha MD2Z3X1AABTEI36CO9AMAlso new in the 2016 YZ125 High Performance kit is a carbon fiber VForce reed valve air intake system for better throttle response, a GYTR exhaust pipe for well-balanced performance in both the middle and high RPM ranges, and a titanium GYTR silencer maximized for power and durability.

Finally the kit includes a GYTR CDI with the latest 2016 map, a magneto rotor unit with higher inertia mass for more torque, and a carburetor setting set for adjustments in changing weather, elevation and track conditions.

Yamaha rider Maxime Renaux won the 2015 MX Junior Championship on a YZ125 starting from the high performance kit parts, now it can be your turn to follow Maxime into the paddock and on to the track!

YamahaYamaha is looking for young European motocross talent to sponsor with an official ride in 2017. Yamaha’s YZ125 Cup is where the hottest motocross action takes place and where future motocross stars are born.

This season Yamaha is looking for top teenager Yamaha YZ125 riders at European National Championships to qualify for the October Superfinale at the Veltins Arena, during the Supermotocross Riders and Manufacturers Cup weekend, in front of 50.000 people. The 8 best Yamaha YZ125 riders will then earn an invitation to a week-long Motocross Masterclass with David Philippaerts, and one talented rider will be finally selected as a fully supported Official Yamaha Rider for the EMX125 Championship in 2017.

Entry deadline for the YZ125 Cup has been extended, but closes soon! Send in your full application by 29 February 2016. See your local Yamaha off-road dealer for full details. Download your YZ125 Cup application here 

Suggested retail price for the 2016 High Performance Engine Kit from GYTR is 1.895 EUR VAT included and will be ready to order from your local Yamaha off-road dealer starting from mid-February.

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