The ACU Motocross Committee are pleased to announce that following on from the successful coordination of this seasons major motocross Championships within the ACU, both the Motocross Committee and the Promoters of the main ACU National Championships had another productive meeting at ACU Headquarters in the middle of August to discuss dates for the 2017 season.

The meeting was designed specifically to ensure there will once again be no unscheduled date clashes between all of the key Motocross championships run under the ACU banner. Representatives from both the Thor ACU British Youth Nationals and Michelin MX Nationals convened with members of the Motocross Committee and a provisional calendar of dates was produced, subject to the confirmation of the World and European Championship dates.

Following the recent release of the FIM World and European Championship provisional calendar along with the provisional calendar for the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship, all championships discussed about how each championship could reschedule dates.

The calendar for the 2017 season has been designed that will allow riders to choose the right platform to boost their racing career, so that they can reach the levels they aspire to and continue their progression from National to British and continue their development towards the European and World Championships.

All promotors confirmed that the successful organisation of the 2016 season saw all championships have seen an increase in rider support making for close and exciting racing across all classes and championships.

ACU Chairman Brian Higgins expressed his delight at the end of the meeting, “I am absolutely delighted that after one round of e-mails and a one hour meeting the two ACU Championships which have a very important role in allowing riders their chosen route to full British, European and even World Championships a calendar avoiding any clashes was agreed. Of course, we have to remember that these dates may have to change if the FIM alter the World Championship dates, but an agreement has been made that all three championships, including the Maxxis ACU British Championship will continue with dialogue if changes are forced upon us”.

A further announcement is due next week with regard to another possible series which the ACU will work closely with and this has been taken into consideration with the dates agreed.

2017 Provisional Championship Dates

Thor ACU British Youth Nationals

18th and 19th March
8th and 9th April
13th and 14th May
24th and 25th June
19th and 20th August
2nd and 3rd September
16th and 17th September (Reserve Date)

Michelin MX Nationals

4th and 5th March
1st and 2nd April
6th and 7th May
10th and 11th June
22nd and 23rd July
26th and 27th August
16th and 17th September (Reserve Date)

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