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Get your spot on the MXGP Rookies Project

Youthstream have announced if any rookie riders wish to take part in the MXGP Rookies project to register their interest via or call the +31 26 3528511.


The full press release is below:

Youthstream is very proud to support the MXGP Rookie program which started in November of 2016 in The Netherlands. Young talented riders received full time training at the High Performance Center of Papendal. The riders were guided by specialists like strength coaches and dietitians who also guide the Dutch Olympians who live among the 375 athletes in Papendal. A truly unique location with the best training facilities in the world.

Riders in the MXGP Rookies project can go to school and do their strength and condition training at the High Performance Center. KNMV head coach Marcel Hartman will take the MXGP Rookies out to a wide variety of motocross circuits available in The Netherlands. The training at Dutch circuits will be complemented with trips to Europe’s toughest tracks. Every trip, every exercise, every meal has one clear goal: improve.

Thanks to tailor made programs the riders will be able to go to school, get to know everything about nutrition, improve both physical and mental strength and prepare themselves for all the different tracks and circumstances they will have to deal with whilst entering international MX-competitions.

The best news of all? If you want to improve your motocross skills, you can take part in the next MXGP Rookies project. Get the benefits of the great motocross experience and history the Dutch can offer, live among the strongest and fastest Olympians in the world and perhaps you become the next world champion!

Are you interested in becoming the next MXGP Rookie?

Contact or call the +31 26 3528511


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