The ACU Motocross Committee have decided after lengthy deliberation that the current youth age groups and capacity allowance is amended for 2017.

125 Start

To bring a Youth class more in line with FIM Europe the following proposal has been agreed by the ACU Insurers and Motocross Committee. The Motocross Committee feel that this is a practical rule change and does not create any safety issues.

The Youth Motocross Classes will include a new class 125cc two stroke class 13 years – 17 years Youth 125cc Minimum 120cc 2 stroke maximum 125cc 2 stroke Manual clutch, 19 inch rear 21 inch front wheel.

In reality it is allowing a rider of 13 years of age the opportunity to race a 125cc machine with riders up to the maximum age of 17 years.

This is an option for a 13 year old and not compulsory as they can remain on a Big Wheel 85cc for a further 2 years if desired.

Brian Higgins commented:

 “I feel this is a positive move and the MX Committee have considered this from all aspects. It is quite a large step from an 85cc to a 250F machine and this optional class will allow for a year on the bigger frame machine which obviously handles differently.”

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