Suzuki World MXGP Team Manager Stefan Everts staged a special ‘Suzuki Riding Day’ to promote Suzuki’s RM-Z machinery and the sport following the Argentinian Grand Prix.

The event, held in conjunction with Team Suzuki Elaion Moto and Team Suzuki Racing Chile, saw 18 riders invited for two days of exclusive training, tuition and racing at the Patagonia MXGP circuit race track in conjunction with the team’s MXGP and MX2 Grand Prix riders.

The event was organised by 10-times World Motocross Champion Everts and Team Suzuki Elanion Moto Manager Leandro Guembe, together with Lucas de la Fuente, who prepared the circuit; voted ‘best motocross circuit in the world’ in 2015.

The Suzuki Riding Day started at 9am with a brief welcome introduction speech and followed by riding tips and tricks with local riders Dario Arco, Juanpi Luzzardi and Pedro Destefanis (team Argentina), Benjamin Garib, Hernan Olguin, Tomas Hott and Bruno Bosso (team Chile), accompanied by the Team Manager Kelly Andris, Pilu Roncallo, Jerome Neyra, Gaston Brito, Gonzalo Cid, Nazareno Iglesias, Adriano Bono, Ezequiel Costarelli, Mariano Cadenas, Fernando Hernandez. Also present were Nahuel Kriger and Julian Seibel, who unfortunately couldn’t actively participate due to injuries.
All riders came away happy and more knowledgeable following Everts’ and his team’s tuition and sharing of his expertise in a career that saw him become the world’s most successful motocross rider.

The Suzuki Riding Day wrapped-up with the riders testing their new-found skills and knowledge with a series of Holeshot races that saw Arco and Luzzardi from Team Suzuki Moto Elaion share the joint-victory.

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